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Professional Life Coaching

Life coaching is becoming extremely popular, and is being utilized by a number of high profile individuals like Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan. At Life Coaching Group, or LCG, we believe that professional life coaching and executive business coaching is an investment in you and your future, and that idea is gaining momentum throughout the world.

Perhaps you are an already successful entrepreneur, or the CEO of a company. You may still benefit greatly from the services of an executive career coach. Please read on for more information.

Benefits of an Executive Career Coach

CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other professionals are most frequently highly intelligent people. However, many still benefit from the services of an executive career coach because the majority of mistakes and issues that arise in business are unrelated to intelligence.

Leadership training and coaching often deals with things like interpersonal challenges with people, office politics or unspoken rules, poor networking, the inability to foster teamwork, conflicts with values and principles, poor time management, or assistance with maintaining a work-life balance. If you think you may need assistance in one of these areas, consider contacting LCG.

LCG's Leadership Training and Coaching

Face-to-face coaching at LCG usually involves a series of 45 minute sessions occurring weekly or bi-weekly. Each session is meant to help you listen, learn, and lead change in your work life. Our leadership training and coaching will help you reflect on your beliefs and behaviors, and you will be able to focus on what is most important to your business.

Professional life coaching from LCG will enable you to create a plan, maintain clear accountability, and measure results. When goals are met, LCG will help you celebrate your achievements.

If you are a Latina professional who wants to achieve more in your life, either personally or professionally, contact LCG. Ask us about a free coaching session, and we can discuss your current situation as well as our services. Don't hesitate; a more fulfilling life awaits you.

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